Jeff Buckley–Dink’s Song

Everything about Jeff Buckley’s version of Dink’s Song is excessive.  Who else could turn a cafe rendition of an American folk standard into a sprawling 11 minute bravado performance that ends up sounding more like Led Zeppelin than Bob Dylan?  Buckley demonstrates his imperfect genius in the early Sin-é session, picking at the seams of the song, unravelling and enlarging it, seemingly letting it do the same thing to him.  From the chugging, incongruent guitar, to the earnestly overwrought vocals, he wrings out everything the song has and then some.  Dancing on the line between admirably self-assured and painfully vainglorious, Buckley does something to this simple, mournful song that should never really be done to it.  Yet by the end of it all, he leaves you wide-eyed, wondering what you’ve just heard and somehow wanting more.


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