Underworld–Born Slippy .NUXX

No list of tracks pushing the ten minute mark would be complete without an entry from Underworld.  This classic banger was an unlikely bit of soundtrack to my youth.  While I probably wasn’t having nearly as much fun as everyone else listening to this song, being as I was a literal child when I was exposed to it, the propulsive hit nevertheless made daily appearances in my life for what may have been years for all I know (it’s too hard to understand my comprehension of time back then to tell for sure).  From it’s ethereal opening moments, to the pounding four-to-the-floor midsection and finally the glitchy outro, it’s a songs full of ideas that never fails to be perfectly cohesive.  Born Slippy .NUXX ends up being a textbook guide to what modern popular electronic music seems to be lacking: texture, structure and variety.


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