Shopping–Long Way Home

When trying to sell a friend on Shopping, I was forced to resort to the age old formula of, “it sounds like X mixed with X.”  In this case, the best I could do was: it sounds like if Ari Up was fronting The Minutemen.   My friend immediately began nodding enthusiastically, pitching in, “Yeah, I could go for that!”  Couldn’t we all?  Of course the London trio are much more than can be boiled down into that tried and true formula, but it gives you an idea of their angular influences.  Their debut LP, Consumer Complaints, was a barrage of short, punchy, but highly danceable, tunes.  It’s vital music that sounds like a night in the city gone slightly south.  Brash guitar and primitive drum work combine with Rachel Aggs punky vocals to create a twitchy, throbbing delight on Long Way Home.  The song begins with a sparse interplay between the band members before settling into a seedy, hypnotic groove that takes you right through to the end.  The perfect soundtrack to an evening of wicked fun.


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