Iceage–Abundant Living

Iceage took a left turn with their most recent album, incorporating a heavy dose of cowpunk and softening their sound.  But this loping cracker proves they’ve lost none of their ferocious intensity.  Elias Bender Rønnenfelt employs every ounce of his feral edge, drunkenly howling over an off-kilter track that itself seems to be stumbling forward.  “I will outnumber/I will outdrink/And crash through borders/Abundant living,” he slurs, sounding like he’s ready to devour the world.  Yet despite it’s heaviness, there’s also a gleefulness to the music, pounded out with ramshackle abandon.  The playful recklessness is mirrored by Rønnenfelt, who knows his hedonism is not without consequence, but chooses to barrel headlong into it anyway: “And when I fall/I’ll bring it all/down here with me/soaked in alcohol.”  Iceage make it sound like a great way to go.


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