The Clash–I’m So Bored with the USA

Happy International Clash Day, everyone!  Okay, it’s not for two more days, but all the festivities seems to already be taking place.  I think the best possible way to celebrate a day dreamed up for the band on the far coast of America, is with a few spins of early rocker I’m So Bored with the USA.  Barely a year after its release, The Clash were already starting to become a different band.  But in 1977, the band were honing their skills with sneering, disaffected punk anthems.  With a jagged guitar line beginning their call to arms, they fought back against the inescapable encroachment of US culture.  The song calls out the weak imports that are invading the UK.  It acts as a continuation of the thoughts present on White Riot b-side 1977, in which Joe Strummer rails against cultural institutions that have lost their relevance.  A spiky, snotty rant against US self-importance, the anger of the song is still potent and surprisingly relevant today.


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