The Vaccines–Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

A lot of bands can do a lot with a little, but the current reigning kings are The Vaccines.  They produced half a dozen killer cuts under three minutes on their debut album alone.  Some bands will call time on tracks that seem like they haven’t fully unfurled in order to leave you wanting more, but The Vaccines are able to pack in beginning, middle and end at warp speed.  Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra) announced their arrival in 82 glorious seconds.  Kicking things off with a pounding beat and a burst of feedback, the band quickly pounces into a bouncy, sing-a-long worthy romp.  Bordering on lyrical nonsense (and even segueing into French at one point), but clever and catchy enough to be deeply memorable, the song is a celebratory burst of energy.  They even find time for a clap-inducing retro guitar solo from Freddie Cowan.  Lead singer Justin Young hits the sweet spot between jaunty whininess and all out wailing before wrapping things up with exacting confidence.  The band have since stretched themselves away from their guitar rock roots, but it was in those sharp, simple early statements that they excelled the most.


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