Montt Mardié–Set Sail Tomorrow

Not all goodbyes come with a dose of sadness.  Montt Mardié’s Set Sail Tomorrow is a playful bon voyage that has no room for regret or apology.  He sets plans in motion to skip town tomorrow, leaving behind the depressing monotony of his current life for the grand adventure of somewhere new.  He doesn’t even know where he’s headed (options include Paris, Tokyo and the South Pacific), only that a change of scenery is the only thing that can save him.  As he relates his plans to a friend, he wistfully assures that “Goodbye, it doesn’t mean forever/I’m just longing for palm trees/And for something to matter.”  His tone is defiantly hopeful, confident in the possibilities that lie ahead.  These possibilities are reflected in the sprightly orchestration, flitting around from a stately trumpet to a soft jazz clarinet, each instrument seeming to represent a different option in front of him.  It’s a triumphant declaration that makes the choice to leave sound easy as he prepares to set out on a journey of self-discovery.


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