Robyn–Call Your Girlfriend

It’s hard enough to write a good song, but some artists are able to produce a track of undeniable perfection.  Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend is one such masterpiece.  One of the greatest pieces of pure pop ever recorded, it’s a pulsing, joyous electro track.  The lyrics are a surprising mirror to single Dancing on My Own, which was released just under a year before.  No longer the spurned lover watching her boyfriend betray her, Robyn is now on the other side of the equation, expressing  titanic empathy for the girl that’s getting left behind.  “Call your girlfriend/It’s time you had the talk/Give your reasons/Say it’s not her fault,” she implores.  It’s a display of almost unimaginable compassion as she tries to talk to her boyfriend into helping his girl through their breakup.  She reassures him “It won’t makes sense right now but you’re still her friend/And you let her down easy.”  But aside from being the soundest advice around for how to end a relationship, the song is also thrillingly catchy and totally exhilarating.  Anchored by a simple, pumped up boom chick beat, the song is overflowing with chirping, bubbly synths, but never is a garish way.  It knows when to breathe and when to push, rising and falling in an irresistible cadence to make an explosively satisfying track that achieves the pinnacle of dance perfection.


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