Supergrass–Pumping on Your Stereo

From an absurdly young age, Supergrass began churning out rock songs so good it was like they’d existed forever.  Though associated with Britpop, they were always a band a bit out of time.  Early hit Alright feels like it could have barreled straight out of the 60s, while 1999’s Pumping on Your Stereo is a glam rock thumper with swagger to spare.  “Life is a cigarette you smoke to the end/But if you rocket the middle bit, oh you’ll burn all your friends,” sneers Gaz Coombes, battering down the door to the song.  For a trio, the band achieve a positively massive sound.  It’s a full-on party complete with clapping over the backbeat, infectious secondary vocals and self-congratulatory applause to close the whole thing out.  Giddy enthusiasm spills over into every corner of the track.  It’s a stomping instant classic that leaves even the most cold-hearted skeptic powerless in resisting the Supergrass groove.


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