Dorsal Fins–Mind Renovation

Sometimes you just need a bouncy tune by a party band.  Melbourne’s Dorsal Fins deliver happily with Mind Renovation.  Their exuberant joy is especially evident in their visit to Triple J.  The motley crew barely fits in the studio even though all the members of their band aren’t actually there.  Despite that (and the fact that they say they rarely practice) the band provides a tight, funky track that is equally as indebted to Primal Scream as it is to Stereo MCs’ Connected.  Don’t let the garage rock guitar intro fool you, this is a floaty confection to roll away on, punctuated by stonking horns.  Dorsal Fins straddle the line between actual band and just a bunch of mates jamming together in the most endearing way possible.  They avoid being totally shambolic even though they’re still probably having more fun than you.  In other words, they’re the perfect pick-me-up, the soundtrack to a sunny day or the jam that gets you moving.


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