Client Liaison–Free of Fear

Client Liaison are working firmly in the tradition of the European electronic club scene, but putting a distinctly Australian spin on it.  I’ve always been a bit suspicious of the self-seriousness of the genre.  Plenty of bands have made worthwhile contributions in recent years, be it Hurts’s reimagining of lento disco, Disclosure’s house revival or the neo-funk of Jungle’s Busy Earnin’.  But none of these bands seems to have much fun making music that’s supposed to inspire such good times.  Client Liaison seem to understand the inherent ridiculousness of the situation, while still managing to produce soaring, irresistible dance music every bit as effective as the aforementioned artists.  Imagining themselves as early 90’s yuppie bigwigs, the band amps up the absurdity while preserving the artistry.  Track Free of Fear would sound equally at home at a northern English club 25 years ago or playing on Radio 1 today.  Opening with the line, “I don’t have time to be old,” it follows the electro club track script so closely that it veers purposely into parody with its hiccuping percussion, soul inspired vocals and sexy sax interlude .  But as is often the case with great artists, the loving parody easily matches the original material.  Client Liaison have pulled off a difficult trick: managing to make seriously good tunes, without taking themselves even remotely seriously.


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