Twin Peaks–Natural Villain

Among a handful of bands that have put Chicago garage rock on the map, Twin Peaks stand out for their amiable attitudes and their willingness to be unabashedly catchy.  Better production and more studio time have led them to showcase full-on pop gems on their two full length albums.  While it’s real thrill to hear them play those tunes at their energetic live shows, I’ll always have a soft spot for their debut release Sunken.  Simple, introspective and even romantic, it was a fuzzed-out, lo-fi treat that set them apart.  They’ve always owed more to slacker songwriters Mac DeMarco and Ty Segall than Chi-town fellows like The Orwells, but this retro sounding mini-LP put them firmly in their own territory.  Take woozy charmer Natural Villain, which despite being recorded on a basement laptop, manages to summon thoughts of The Beach Boys.  The flat, distant-sounding mix actually adds to the mood, creating a hazy beauty.  It’s a song out of time, breezy and warm, that proves Twin Peaks have a depth far beyond their years.


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