Primal Scream–Beautiful Future

We’re taking a look at great Scots this week, in honor of Primal Scream getting 11 unbelievable albums deep into their career with the release of Chaosmosis.  The band are the poster children for reinvention, sometimes more successfully than others.  While the 2008 release Beautiful Future is seen as a lesser entry in their oeuvre, there are still a large handful of great tunes on it that are worth revisiting.  One thing that’s been consistent throughout all the band’s stylistic changes is their apocalyptic view of the future.  That’s never truer than on Beautiful Future.  It’s as pure a piece of pop as the band have ever produced, a song so sweet and light you’d never realize it’s about lynching, executions, torture, threats of being sectioned and the terrifying machinations of society.  Bobby Gillespie positively coos his way through the candy-colored horror story, complete with tubular bells, hand claps and twinkling piano.  It’s five minutes of twirling, feel-good genius that masks a fearsome vision of what’s to come.


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