Josef K–Forever Drone

Truly one of the great one album wonders, Josef K proved far more influential than popular after the release of The Only Fun in Town.  Like Joy Division, the Edinburgh post-punk outfit eschewed the tonally upbeat, instead opting for bleakly obscure, philosophy inspired lyrics over jagged guitars.  Cuts like Forever Drone see the axes and the vocals duking it out, both angular and frantic with a drum frenzy fighting along in the background.  Jangly, but never exactly joyous, it’s a fatalistic seizure of a track that burns itself out after two minutes when lead singer Paul Haig declares: I’d like to starve/Fade away/Don’t need the cash/Just decay.  Yet neither the song, nor indeed the album, are morose affairs.  Instead, Forever Drone is a bracing jolt through the musical history that’s still perfectly strange and vital today.  


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