Glasvegas–Lots Sometimes

Sometimes you just need a sledgehammer of sincerity.  Glasvegas are the reigning champions of earnest emotion.  There’s nothing subtle about the Glasgow band’s Wall of Sound indebted weepies, but subtle can be overrated.  Sophomore album Euphoric  /// Heartbreak \\\  couldn’t be more aptly named.  It’s a soaring, complete work where love and sadness come in waves.  It all peaks in penultimate song Lots Sometimes, a slowly building confessional to a lost lover that’s so lyric heavy it actually requires lead singer James Allan to crib from cheat sheets when they do it live.  A latter-day Joe Strummer in more ways than one, the band’s success relies heavily on both his charisma and his  sensitivity.  Although he dresses like a retro rebel, Allan has always had a bit of sad puppy about him.  It’s his ability to trade on both these traits almost simultaneously that creates the brilliant tension of his songs.  He’s leaning more on the latter here, first cataloguing the things that make him think of his lost love, before trying to convince himself he’s let go:  I tell myself I don’t need you any more Lots Sometimes/I wonder if you ever loved me at all Lots Sometimes.  But he doesn’t really buy it.  The more he thinks about her, the more he misses her, until he’s finally forced to admit: I really thought we could have made it to the end Lots Sometimes/I guess I never stopped loving you at all Lots Sometimes/I still think about you Lots Sometimes.  By this point his voice is bursting with emotion and the track swells indistinctly around it.  It’s the sound of the wave crashing on the shore before it’s drawn back out to sea.  It’s gripping stuff and Glasvegas do it better than anyone else these days.  It’s a brilliant throwback to when pop songs where better heartbreakers than floor-fillers.


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