Jamie T–Atlantic City

Sometimes a cover so completely transforms the original song that it’s hard to reconcile it with the primary version.  Jamie T proved himself to be a an especially savvy cover artist when he did just that to the Bruce Springsteen classic Atlantic City.  The original version was an exercise in painfully earnest balladry.  While Jamie T’s version contains no less honesty, he ups the tempo and transforms the mood into an itchy, paranoid jolt of just over two minutes.  He’s at peak desperation, frantic, ragged and howling.  He replaces Springsteen’s plaintive acoustic guitar with a blaring electric, driving the song louder and faster until it’s set to go off the rails.  Most importantly, it’s a track that sounds wholly at home with Treays’s other original work.  He’s found the right lyrics and subject matter to fit into his artistic world, allowing him to tear into the song with full force.  It’s an exhilarating transformation.


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