Peace–White Noise

White Noise was a big hit for Disclosure and AlunaGeorge, but after hearing Peace attack it in the Live Lounge, it’s hard to back the original version.  I was a bit lukewarm on Peace after their first album.  It felt like an inconsistent work from a band unsure of who they were.  But this cover made me change my tune.  I also secretly think it helped the band find the direction they needed.  Disclosure’s song is too chirpy and clinical for me.  Harry Koisser and company break it down piece by piece to inject it with a new sense of soul.  Starting with sparse drums, layering in funky bass, topping that with darkly alluring guitar and finishing it off with a surprisingly seductive vocal by Koisser, the whole thing vibrates with attitude.  It’s slinky, playful and groovy with a touch of the baggy sound that has served the band so well.  By the time the song reaches its pinnacle and the boys segue into an unexpected coda of Another Brick in the Wall, the band have found themselves in a way they weren’t yet able to on their own material.



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