King Krule–Easy Easy

Another repeat offender, King Krule documents the indignities of everyday life, including the job you go to everyday, on Easy Easy.  It’s the closest thing he’s had to even a minor hit, including being big-upped by Beyonce, and it’s clear why.  While his voice is still brimming with anger, the track itself is itchy pop brilliance.  Up tempo, short and sweet, it channels the frustrations of living a young life of necessity instead of joy with little more than Archy Marshall’s evocative vocals and tightly wound, Buddy Holly-esque electric guitar.  Sparse and agitated, he captures the uneasy contrast between selling your soul by day and trying to find it at night:

When your dead end job’s been eating away at your life/You feel little inside with trouble and strife And now you spend your evening searching for another life/ And yeah I think, mate, I think you got her in your sights

He goes on to paraphrase Winston Churchill’s famous aphorism about going through hell, also a favorite line of fellow British hip hop innovator The Streets.  It sound surprisingly optimistic coming out of Marshall’s mouth.  I actually want to believe him when he says everything will be okay if you just keep plowing forward.  It feels like less of an expectation that the bad times will end and more of a promise not to let them get you down in the first place.  Just calm down, take it easy, and everything will be all right.


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