Jagwar Ma–Come Save Me

When it comes to the psychedelic revival, everyone thinks of Aussies Tame Impala as the de facto leaders of the movement.  While I’d argue it was well on its way before Tame Impala even dropped their first LP, it hasn’t stopped fans and music journalists alike from sharply focusing on Australia.  Luckily, some great bands have benefited from that focus, including the Sydney-based Jagwar Ma.  On their debut, Howlin, the band expertly mixed original psychedelia with more recent dance influences ranging from Madchester, acid house, baggy and EDM.  The whole album is also uncharacteristically sunny compared to their modern psych cohorts.  Tracks like Come Save Me are pop-infused, bouncy and joyous.  The song starts off sounding like an update of a beachy 60s track before escalating into a dense, sprawling dance delight with bright, swirling layers.  It’s an irresistible mix that makes the band stand out in a growing crowd of new psych imitators.


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