Temples–Shelter Song

Temples are the most derivative of the neo-psychedelic movement, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  We’ve surely all had moments where we wondered, “Why doesn’t anyone make music like this anymore?”  And here are Temples to the rescue.  Debut album Sun Structures feels like it dropped straight out of the Sixties.  Taking direct influence from Cream and Strawberry Alarm Clock, tracks like Shelter Song are drenched in a euphoric haze.  Lush and glossily produced, it places sitar-aping guitar at the forefront of a kaleidoscopic array of ideas.  The song can’t seem to stay put, jumping from one beautifully orchestrated thought to the next.  Luckily, there’s not a weak moment to be found, from the huge riffs to the glistening, spacey chorus.  James Bagshaw’s blissed-out coo is there to hold it all together, the one consistent piece throughout.  The song may not forge much new ground, but it’s a faithful take that successfully revives a classic sound.



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