Peace–O You

Not only did Peace managed to find a cohesive neo-psych sound on their second album, but they also found a surprising amount of heart.  Album opener O You could be considered maudlin if judged on lyrics alone, but Harry Koisser’s reflective, pleading delivery evokes immediate empathy.  He’s simultaneously more vulnerable and more comfortable across the album and O You is no exception.  He’s pushing a social agenda, openly attempting to change the world.  It’s vague hyperbole, for sure, but a beautiful one. The song is a mess of swirling guitar work, plucked and strummed with clarity that’s unusual these days.  Well-placed touches of orchestral strings add heft without overwhelming the piece.  It’s a swaying, crowd-uniting charmer up until the red hot kick of the bridge, which features some of my favorite lyrical nonsense from the past few years:

Hot Lover, chemically blessed/Soul brother, spiritual mess                                                           Hypnotizer/Not another six string sympathizer 

Koisser spits it out with such convincing swagger that it’s impossible not to feel like you know exactly what he means.  It’s the surprising emotional peak to an otherwise tender, if lush, pop song.  O You announces that Peace have found another gear and have exciting places to go with it.


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