Buddy Holly–Everyday

In the almost 60 years since his death, Buddy Holly has become just about as famous for the way he died as for the music he made.  But during his life, he was known by music aficionados as a giant of rock and roll.  The way that he shaped and pushed the form in just a few short years was spectacular.  It’s no wonder then that greats like The Beatles were in awe of getting to play on the same stage as him when they appeared on Ed Sullivan.  Other rock pioneers like Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran turned out some great tunes, but their body of work was largely repetitive.  They had a few spectacular hits and many limp misses.  Listen to Buddy Holly’s catalogue, though, and you’ll hear frequent and successful experimentation that laid the groundwork for rock for years to come.  On Everyday, he would play with instrumentation, relying on a twinkling glockenspiel and pitter-pattering, metronomic beat.  The subtle guitar only makes a brief appearance in the heart of the song.  Otherwise, the arrangement remains sparse and sweet allowing Holly’s vocal track to float to the front.  It’s probably the gentlest track he ever recorded, perfect in its simplicity and use of negative space.


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