A deeply disturbing deep cut, Fog was released as a b-side to Knives Out.  It was the era that Radiohead was at their darkest.  Thom Yorke has compared the song to cannibalism and it’s no surprise why.  While it starts off with gentle, lullaby-like piano and almost whispered vocals, they’re accompanied by discordant percussion and electronic noise that sound like a creature trying to scratch through the walls.  Eventually the song settles into a driving, tambourine-heavy corker, but not before planting it disturbing seed.  “The fog comes up from the sewers and glows/in/the dark” taunts Yorke, stretching out the end of the line with a threatening caesura.  As the song ramps up, so does the emotional intensity.  When it reaches its jittery, guilt-ridden peak, we’re reminded, Lady Macbeth-like, “some things will never wash away.”  It’s an apocalyptic piece that still manages to find beauty in horror.


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