A b-side to The Bends cut High and Dry, Maquiladora is arguably a lot more interesting than the a-side.  It’s as close to sounding like an 80s arena rock band as Radiohead would ever get on a guitar-heavy track that sketches a tour through America.  The experience is overwhelming, disingenuous and big.  While there are certainly perks to be had, there is also pressure.  Yorke describes the band as “useless rockers/from England,” showing how they’re sidelined even in their own story.  Trading heavy, electric stretches with more nimble, slinky moments helps convey the roller coaster journey, but when Johnny Greenwood rips on his guitar and Thom Yorke yelps “Oh, baaaaaby buuuurn!,” it’s clear the experience left a lasting mark, for better or for worse.


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