Castanets–Cathedral 2 (Your Feet on the Floor Sounding Like the Rain)

Many of the acts reinventing country in the early naughts tended towards darkness.  Castanets discarded the usually clean sound of the country in favor of a dense, oppressive approach.  Cathedral 2 (Your Feet on the Floor Sounding Like Rain), the first song off the band’s first album, opens with groaning, mournful saxophone reminiscent of a jazz dirge.  Before too long it breaks into a sad shuffle with a recognizable country twang.  It’s a folk song in the old sense, like the ones about plagues and hangings and villages being burned.  It sounds like a curse or something you’d sing to ward one off.  The plodding heaviness is enhanced with a low blanket of noise that never lifts thanks to funereal organ and swirls of electronic enhancement.  “It’s all right to want more than this” repeats Ray Raposa, almost like a spell, giving you the feeling that it’s anything but all right.  And then , just like that, that song ends mid-sentence, unresolved.  “It’s all right,” he says, leaving the listener wanting just a little bit more than is on offer.


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