Plastic Bertrand–Ça Plane Pour Moi

Beginning with a blistering saxophone and never looking back, Ça Plane Pour Moi is a revved-up, fist-pumping, pogoing feel good scorcher.  Never mind that it’s mostly not in English.  Never mind that the lyrics are basically nonsense, even in French.  Roger Jouret, aka Plastic Bertrand, spits out the words at a pace that rivals Michael Stipe’s delivery on It’s The End of the World as We Know It, stopping to intersperse melodic, falsetto “oohs.”  Despite utilizing the same backing track as Elton Motello’s Jet Boy, Jet Girl, Ça Plane Pour Moi is a totally different animal.  Roughly translating to,”It’s all right for me,” the song delivers freewheeling happiness in a way that few others can boast.  I defy anyone to be in a bad mood after listening to this song.


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