Eddie Cochran–Summertime Blues

One of the enduring classics of early rock and roll, Eddie Cochran’s Summertime Blues has been quoted by everyone from PJ Harvey to Jamie T, with Noel Fielding still referencing it in his standup shows.  It’s a wry jam that captured Cochran’s scamp personality far better than any of his other songs.  Ostensibly about wanting to relax and party all summer while your parents are pushing you to work, much of the song’s resonance actually lies in perfectly representing that space on the cusp of adulthood.  While it’s never explicitly stated, you get the idea that maybe this is the final summer, the last chance to skirt responsibility and hang out with your friends.  Growing up is barreling down the tracks and this is the ultimate chance at a carefree life.  Of course all of this is in addition to the instantly iconic opening guitar plus hand claps and Cochran’s gleefully rockabilly vocal stylings.  Add to that the cleverly employed literal voice of adulthood that sometimes interrupts the track and you get a surprisingly playful song that sums up the frustrations of fading youth just as well as it did nearly 60 years ago.


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