DIIV–Under The Sun

Maybe it’s too easy to pick a song called Under The Sun, but little about the subject matter of the DIIV track implies it would make a dreamy soundtrack to summertime fun.  Zachary Cole Smith immediately discussed the meaning behind it upon its release, a thank you to girlfriend Sky Ferreira for sticking with him through an arrest for heroin that landed them both in hot water, despite the fact that he says she had nothing to do with it.  You might think a song with that heavy history would be more labored, but instead Under The Sun is spectacularly free.  It’s still immediately recognizable as a DIIV song, but adds a twist to the group’s previously sound.  More nimble and light, it’s no surprise the airy confection was the first single from the band’s sophomore album, marking a shift away from the beautiful droning the band often found itself mired in.  The clear tones that were formally used as contrasting elements now dominate the production, giving the song a sense of flight and, perhaps most importantly, hope.  It signals a new era for Smith, one where the future looks much brighter than before.


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