Alan Vega–Raver

When Alan Vega ventured out on his solo material, he doubled down on his love of rockabilly and original rock and roll.  Raver, from his second album Collision Drive, has the stamp of artists like Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent all over it.  Vega interprets them in a way that’s all his own, like he’d never heard anything other than early rock and back alley punk.  It’s breakneck, jumpy and distant, with Vega’s trademark urgency.  It almost sounds like an original rockabilly track was beamed into the future then back in time via satellite.  As with his work in Suicide, he uses simplicity to his advantage with a heavy drum mix and ever present but unobtrusive guitar forming the track.  When he suddenly introduces a crunching, Deep Purple-eque dose of heaviness late in the song it changes everything, boiling modern and classic rock and roll together into a sound I frankly haven’t heard repeated.  Leave it to Vega to forge new ground with such well worn tropes.


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