Peace–World Pleasure

On their first album, Peace had an identity crisis.  They showed promise, for sure, but it seemed like they didn’t quite know who they wanted to be.  That all changed with World Pleasure, the massive release off their sophomore album.  The band said they blew the whole album’s budget on the song and it shows.  It’s also 100% worth it.  It’s a blistering Madchester groove that goes on for ages, but never overstays its welcome.  With shades of Fool’s Gold, it’s no surprise that the band chose it as the outro to their heavily psychedelic album.  It all begins with slinky, slithering guitars before some solidly funky bass takes center stage.  Lead singer Harry Koisser has found a new confidence too, with playful, peacocking lyrics:

Please don’t send me off to war/That’s not what my body’s for                                                              Maybe I was not born brave/Maybe I was born Good Lookin’

It doesn’t matter how many times I’v heard this song, the timing and delivery of that lyric will always make me smile.  World Pleasure may be highly derivative, but damned if it isn’t fun.  It’s the sound of a band having a great time and finding their identity.  It’s also one of the best tunes to dance to in decades.


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