Soul Coughing–Unmarked Helicopters

Soul Coughing was one of the MVPs of 90s soundtracks.  They featured on both X-Files releases, as well as the surprisingly essential Batman & Robin soundtrack.  Their contribution to Songs in the Key of X shows a band perfectly matched with its source material.  The often stream of consciousness lyrics of lead singer Mike Doughty could easily have been the paranoid ramblings of a character on the show.  While more composed on Unmarked Helicopters, Doughty sinks his teeth into the conspiracy theory stuff, claiming “I know the truth/I know the whole shebang/I know the names of men they had to hang.”  The scratchy, droning track sounds like an alien implant or a government attempt at mind control.  The band even plays spooky homage by incorporating a snippet of Mark Snow’s score at the end of the song.




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