Le Tigre–Deceptacon

Sometimes a film can completely change your feelings on a song.  Such is the case with Deceptacon, which featured brilliantly in Norwegian masterpiece Reprise.  I’ve never really loved any of Kathleen Hanna’s output, but the inclusion of the brash, bratty track in Joachim Trier’s debut feature suddenly made the appeal very understandable.  A young character throws the song on at a party, overriding the host’s musical choices and turning things into an immediate anarchic mess.  This sort of diegetic usage, where you can actually see a character revel in the music themselves, can have a heavy influence.  If you’ve already established empathy with a character, their love of a song flows through you easily.  It’s no challenge at all to imagine yourself dancing wildly to the stomping, carefree electro-punk assault.


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