The Ramones–Judy is a Punk

Wes Anderson’s music choices tend to be a bit on the twee side, but for The Royal Tenenbaums, an exploration in part of a certain New York, he wisely chose The Ramones for the soundtrack to youthful indiscretion.  Judy is a Punk is arguably the best song the band ever recorded (okay, maybe Blitzkrieg Bop).  Like all of their best songs, it’s short, sweet and simple.  But it’s also surprisingly tuneful while managing to hit upon the childhood desire to run away and join the circus (or in this case the ice capades) and be free.  Anderson uses the song as the backing track for a droll montage showing Margot Tenenbaum’s timeline of trespasses, starting with cigarettes at age 12 and escaping boarding school at age 14 and ends with making out with a lot of strangers on various forms of transit.  It’s a perfect fit for her blasè rebellion, more symbolic protest than meaningful action.  And isn’t that the truth of almost any teenage revolt soundtracked by The Ramones?


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  1. damoneramone · September 4, 2016

    It’s original title was Brutal Goons of the Disapora. I got it wrong in my memoir. Or maybe not.

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