Malcolm McClaren–About Her

It’s impossible to talk about modern song usage without including Quentin Tarantino.  Kill Bill: Vol. 2 marked a rare moment of maturity, one that looked like it could be the tipping point of a whole other type of career (it turned out that couldn’t be further from the truth). The emotional climax of the film showed a subtlety and poignancy that Tarantino had dared not attempt before.  Soundtracking it was About Her, a track by punk pioneer Malcolm McClaren incorporating stretched out samples by Bessie Smith and The Zombies.  It’s a slow burn, a dreamy, soulful heartbreaker.  It’s also the sound of a former enfant terrible showing off a mellowed sophistication.  In fact, in that moment, that goes for McClaren, Tarantino and main character The Bride.  The blues-y beauty captures the hardship of life, but also the reward, a sentiment that goes against the against the punk and new wave ethos that shaped both artists.


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