Public Access TV–End of an Era

How nice is it of Public Access TV to drop this track while I’m discussing rock and roll discussing rock and roll?  Surely they know the irony of releasing a track called End of an Era when all they’re ever trying to do is start something.  Or maybe it’s restart something.  Lead singer John Eatherly has talked at length about doing everything he can to make the band as good as it can be.  All his eggs are in this basket, you see, and he’s been willing to take things slow to make them right.  So every move the band makes is about trying to start a real career, leave a real legacy or revive the faded New York music scene.  Even though the band’s debut album has still yet to be released, Eatherly is already known for his massive hooks.  It’s no surprise that this song is built around another, but the way the hook contemplates itself certainly is.  The first words out of his mouth are “They say the kids don’t like rock and roll anymore,” a tough pill to swallow for a band trying to make its name on backwards looking guitar rock.  He’s forced to admit that it “may be the end of an era,” but suggests that everything will be all right as long as they keep dancing.  So is rock and roll saved?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  For a band that is constantly compared (wrongly, I think) to other New York denizens The Strokes, it’s strangely easy to imagine this song in another form being sung by a deathknell of rock like Katy Perry.  It’s catchy as hell, but it’s all hook and little bite.  Perhaps it’s meant to serve as entrée for pop consuming kids these days.  Or maybe it’s a feel good send off to rock, where we’re meant to dance until dawn as we say goodbye.  It’s a bit of a shame either way.  While it’s an infectious track to be sure, I feel like PATV could have mustered more for an auto-elegaic outing.


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