Laura Marling–Easy

With Easy, Laura Marling has written a song caught in the throes of youth, yet both looking longingly ahead and reminiscent.  It’s a masterclass in guitar and a showcase for the warm, rich qualities her voice can take on.  Those two elements serve the storytelling with their worldly and weary depth.  Marling mourns the simplicity and comfort of childhood.  On the cusp of adulthood, she is unmoored and unfulfilled, yet when she goes looking for these things, it’s in all the wrong places.  “How did I get lost/looking for God in Santa Cruz?,” she wonders, before recognizing she’d gone too far: it was a bit too high for me/I spent a month thinking I was a high desert tree.  It’s an admission that she’s placing too much emphasis on “finding herself.”  No longer in the carelessness of youth, not yet in the steadied maturity that comes with age, Marling realizes that maybe she doesn’t need to find anything at the moment.  Being lost is exactly where she’s supposed to be.


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