Hunx & His Punx–The Curse of Being Young

Hunx & His Punx have an entirely different take on the downsides of youth.  The Curse of Being Young melds a soulful throwback girl group foundation written by Shannon Shaw (of Shannon and the Clams) with snotty modern, punk vocals courtesy of Seth Bogart.  With everything from minor key rock organ, call and response, and Leader of the Pack style sprechgesang, it’s a surprisingly authentic replica of 60s youth music.  Bogart’s bratty interjections turn the whole thing on its head, though, claiming that the misery of youth is the knowledge that an entire lifetime of heartache lies ahead.  It’d be much better to be old and have it already (partly) out of the way.  The song should be an endorsement of youthful revelry, to have something good before all that pain sinks in, but instead Shaw proposes that it’s hard to enjoy the gifts of being young with the understanding that it will all crumple with time.  “That’s the curse of being young,” she repeats over elementary drums, sounding like a primitive Rumour Has It-style Adele. It’s the rare work that manages to be camp, trashy and emotionally resonant all at the same time.


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