The Orwells–Never Ever

You wouldn’t normally look to The Orwells for illuminating insights into the minds of today’s youth, but every once in a while they stumble upon some surprising truths.  Never Ever is, like many of their tunes, about getting high with your friends.  But instead of a mischief-making night out, The Orwells find themselves cooped up inside contemplating their own mortality.  “I’ve got this fear of aging,” reveals lead singer Mario Cuomo, desperately pleading in a half howl that sounds somehow on the verge of tears, before adding ,”Tell me what we’re chasing,” as though he can’t even remember what the point was in the first place.  Of course, the point was to feel young for a little bit longer, to hold on to the idea that he can be reckless and unpredictable and unbound.  “I know when something’s changing,” he finally admits, as though he can feel the years creeping in and youth slipping away.  The whole thing plays against the slow, assured beauty of Dominic Corso’s laconic, anthemic guitar.  It’s a lethargic, sadness-tinged comedown that meets the end of the party head on.


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