Zebra Katz–Ima Read

Fashion month kicks off this week in New York.  In recent years, the soundtrack to the runway has become increasingly important.  Not only is it a way for a designer to set the mood for the show, but it can also show off their current cool cachet or root themselves firmly in a specific moment from the past.  Rick Owens put just about every other designer and music pairing to shame when he used Ima Read by Zebra Katz as the musical backdrop for his Fall/Winter 2012-13 womenswear show.  Sparse and threatening, the track itself sounds like an Underworld song in stereo panned all the way left.  Then Katz starts in with his simmering threats, the kind of quiet promise of violence that you do not question.  Next up, Njena Reddd Foxxx throws down one of the most non-chalantly badass verses in history.  The whole thing is cool as ice, a brilliant contrast to the literal fire that is alight behind the runway.  While Owens’ own work is largely similar from season to season, Ima Read adds a menacing layer of urgency and attitude to the collection, transforming it from the work that has been presented before it.  It’s a hypnotic marriage of singular artists.  Check out both the original runway show and the delightfully disturbing music video below:


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