Cherry Glazerr–Had Ten Dollaz

The king of runway soundtracks is undeniably Hedi Slimane.  His transformation of Saint Laurent was built on the tight knit relationship he’s always had with rock and roll.  When he moved the label’s design operations to Los Angeles, he wasted no time incorporating the local rock scene into the brand’s DNA.  Arguably the biggest musical hit he’s scored so far is the use of Burger Records alums Cherry Glazerr for his Fall/Winter 2014 show.  The hypnotic, grungy psych song features teenage prodigy Clementine Creevy (who, for the record, can really shred live) strumming up a heavyweight storm while chirping seductively over the electrifying track.  There are moments when it sounds like she’s about to slip away, slinky and high as the sun. Despite being absolutely massive sounding, the track is also laid back and nonchalant, a killer combo with Slimane’s dark take on 60s Go-Go glamour: confident and cool, in control but not in a hurry.  Saint Laurent rarely features a musical collaboration dud, but this outing was a match made in heaven.  Check out the full runway and the single version below:


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