Bruce Springsteen–State Trooper

Haider Ackermann’s clothes have always been for rebels.  For Fall/Winter 2015-16, he kept a touch of rockabilly tailoring, but dialed down the color.  The slight changes made for a dramatically different mood.  So how to capture that with music?  What about a slow, menacing remix of State Trooper by Bruce Springsteen.  Maintaining the unsettled narrative and wild yelps of Springsteen’s journey into the mind of Charles Starkweather, while adding a practically lento disco beat, the mood of the song transforms.  Before it was about paranoia and fear.  Now it’s about power.  The models walk slowly and deliberately.  They are sultry and in control.  The refrain of “Mr. State Trooper, please don’t stop me,” becomes more of a command than a plea.  It’s a bold take on a song that already reaches unnerving perfection.  It demands attention.  The clothes demand attention.  The models demand attention, yet they are not in competition.  Each element comes together to form a single mood: a severe but alluring flawlessness.

Check out Ackermann’s runway remix, as well as the peerless original below:


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