Gerard McMahon–Cry Little Sister

Riccardo Tisci has certainly always skewed dark at Givenchy.  He’s normally looked to religion and history to infuse his shows with a seriousness and an iconoclastic bent.  In his 2011 Spring Menswear show, he dialed back some of the ornateness and went for cleaner details, but he still needed a way to provide some dark romanticism that has become signature.  Cue Gerard McMahon’s Cry Little Sister.  The theme to The Lost Boys is dramatic, smoky goth-pop.  Wholly earnest in its drama, the song’s eerie kids choir and tribal synth-drums announce its era immediately.  On its own, it’s arguably a bit cheesy today (although still pretty fantastic).  Yet set against the ghostly gimp masks, crisply tailored white skirts and the flesh colored leggings of the runway show, the song somehow earns back some of its gravity.  The presentation and the soundtrack feel slightly incongruous, but that actually makes the histrionics of the track feel brilliantly, intentionally alienating.  It’s like watching The Silence of the Lambs’ Buffalo Bill dance in the mirror.  Only such an antiseptic, artificially-produced song could create that much of an inhuman feeling.

Check out the original, along with a Givenchy show snippet below:


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