Tones on Tail–Go!

What do you do after founding a seminal, post-punk act that helped usher in goth?  If you’re Daniel Ash, you go in the musical opposite direction.  Ash would eventually lead alternative rock progenitor Love and Rockets, but on the way there would come Tones on Tail.  A Devo referencing, dance-punk, new wave outfit that dressed all in white, it was a departure from Bauhaus to say the least.  Tracks like Go! showed off a jangly nervousness that emphasized movement.  Jagged and lively, the track layers crunching guitar with decisive handclaps and upbeat agogo bells, then adds a robotic vocal to the mix.  It’s a strange combination to be sure, but its grooves, with a compounding momentum that drives confidently the whole way through.  Assured and aggressive, the song allows for no resistance.


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