Babyshambles–Back From the Dead

Pete Doherty had already been knocking around with Babyshambles before the total implosion of The Libertines.  While they would eventually release the completely respectable and surprisingly polished album Shotter’s Nation, the group’s first release featured many we pieces that Doherty had written while still paired up with Carl Barat.  One work that surely was, however, is the moody put down of Back From the Dead.  Doherty swears it’s not about Barat, but we all know it is.  While Doherty’s post-Libertines work has never been short on poetry is has often lacked a convincing mood.  Back From the Dead is thick with it though.  Lead by brilliant Paul Simonon-style bass and distant, revenant moans, the whole thing has a dark mysticism.  It’s a strange vibe for a kiss off, managing to sound slightly treacherous without being directly threatening.  An apocalyptic shadow hangs over it, all the way to the rattlings-of-a-deserted-ghost-town outro.  With his distant, somber delivery it’s hard to tell whether Doherty is the haunted or the haunting.  Either way, it makes for a compellingly eerie glimpse at a crumbling life.


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